Sir Michael Caine voted for Brexit, and the reason is because, as he say – it was about freedom

Sir Michael Caine voted for Brexit explaining that he prefer to be rather poor master than rich servant. Well, that sounds very good. But let’s not forget, that rich politicians produced big political fart talking about huge benefits of Brexit. However now, after Brexit come true, they deny the responsibility, refusing to clean the s*it they produced.

Also, it looks like Sir Michael Caine forgot about the third option: to be a poor servant. I am afraid, that this is option served by rich politicians to hard working citizens. Rich people always benefit – with or without Brexit – because some of them are rich enough to live on the Moon. But our world looks totally different from a point of view of normal people. For most of UK citizens Brexit means two words: COMPLICATIONS and HIGHER PRICES.

Donald Tusk (President of the European Council) was right saying that the negotiations between the UK and EU are rather like damage control than anything else.

If Sir Michael Caine had in mind to get back to what was before, I mean return to the UK glory of 60/70ties, it is obvious, that such return to the before is impossible. First of all – would you drop your mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other hi-tech stuff?

And, finally, it is easy to be a “poor master” if your wealth is estimated around 60 millions pounds.

Having said all the above, I do have to admin, that I really appreciate actor performances of Sir Michael Caine. He is, in my opinion, one of the best existing actors, and nothing can change that fact.