Sicario – movie review

Our Rating

10 Actors performance

10 Action

10 Soundtrack

Sicario is a kind of dark movie masterpiece. The movie is full of action, so you will not fall asleep, especially the when you watch traffic jam action scene, one of the best I have ever seen. Three strong points of the movie are: Action, Actors Performance and Plot. When I found that the main role is played by Emily Blunt it was obvious, that the movie can be worth watching. I found Emily Blunt as a very good actress in The Wolfman, and Sicario proves that she is making real progress in her profession. Her performance in Sicario is excellent. She will be a great actress. I think, that also Benicio del Toro is the right person for the role he plays. To me, it looks like Denis Villeneuve – directing the movie – did excellent job, especially concerning casting for this movie. Despite high action density, the movie is not primitive and the last scene is a good example that action movie can convey something more than just pure fighting scenes. Somewhere in the background, this is a movie about disappearing boundaries of what can be done, both in legal and moral terms.

The movie can make your mind somewhat shattered, partly due to very good gloomy soundtrack (by Jóhann Jóhannsson) as well, which merges with image and conveys some messages impossible to express with words. All actors in the movie produce excellent performance, with Benicio Del Toro adding magic on top of that. Even the guy with face of a simple bookkeeper gives you surprise during action on road, when he pulls trigger at the right moment pointing gun at the right person.

Movie details, how parts of movie work together is one thing, surely important, but the total impression movie produces is even more important. Sicario is a masterpiece end exceptional example of VERY GOOD directing.